Advisory opinions

This is a list of short summaries of advisory opinions. The list also includes decisions. In these cases, LOWI has declared the petition inadmissible. It has therefore not examined the substance of the petition and has not issued an advisory opinion.
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The full text of the advisory opinion is only available in Dutch. If you want to read the full text in English, you can use the Dutch text for translation purposes.

  • Advisory opinion 2008-01
    Plagiarism in a popular scientific publication constitutes as research misconduct.
  • Advisory opinion 2007-02
    Plagiarism in PhD-thesis. The composition of the CWI is an ascertainable fact that may raise doubts about its impartiality.
  • Advisory opinion 2007-01
    Fabrication of a figure in PhD-thesis and pretending that an article had already been submitted. The LOWI also discusses the role of (co)promoters