Logo Landelijk Orgaan Wetenschappelijke Integriteit


LOWI is an independent advisory body in the complaints procedure for possible violations of research integrity.

LOWI advises institutions that are involved in scientific practice and that are affiliated with the LOWI. LOWI does not advise on its own initiative, but only on request.

LOWI assesses whether the complaints procedure at the Institute’s Research Integrity Committee (CWI) has been handled carefully, whether standards of research integrity have been violated and, if so, how the violation of standards should then be qualified.

Based on the LOWI advisory opinion the board of an institution issues a final ruling about whether a scientist has violated research integrity or not. If LOWI is not asked for an opinion, the board bases its final ruling on the advisory opinion of the CWI.

Advisory opinions of the LOWI are not binding and are published anonymously on this website, only in the Dutch language.