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[Date petition]

Dear members of the LOWI advisory committee,

I hereby request the LOWI for advice on the initial judgment of the board of [name of institution] of [date of judgment].

I disagree with the initial verdict because [state your arguments].

This request contains the following attachments:
appendix 1: the initial ruling of the Board
appendix 2: the CWI advice
appendix 3: the original complaint [if you have one]
Appendix 4: [other appendix of your choice]
Appendix 5: [other appendix of your choice]

I am aware that I have a duty of confidentiality and I promise to abide by it.

I would like to receive a confirmation of receipt of this petition. I would also like to know whether my petition is eligible for processing.

Yours sincerely,


[Name in full (title, initials, surname)
E-mail address]