Composition of LOWI

After consultation with the Boards of the constituent institutions (KNAW, NWO, and VSNU) LOWI members are appointed on the recommendation of the LOWI through resolutions passed by these Boards.

Members are appointed for a term of three years. They may be re-appointed twice for a term of the same length.

  • Prof. dr. Roel Fernhout, chair
  • Prof. mr. Willem Zwalve, deputy
  • Mr. dr. Eric Daalder
  • Prof. dr. Judith van Erp
  • Prof. dr. Jan Hogendijk
  • Prof. dr. Lilian Lechner
  • Prof. dr. Jos van der Meer
  • Dr. Joeri Tijdink
  • Judith Zweistra, LL.M, official secretary